Facial Hair Types

We’re following NACBMA standards of four overall facial hair types: Moustaches, Partial Beards, Full Beards, and Artistic. These are divided into specialized categories, such as Moustache Natural or Moustache English, which are then defined by the use of product and further defined by any category-specific shaping or styling.

All beard lengths must be measured directly down from the base of the bottom lip.


These Types are further divided into Categories, such as Moustache Natural, Moustache Styled, etc. Each participant will have presented themselves before a pre-jury on-site at registration to ensure they are in the correct category.


Terminology: The 4 Main Facial Hair Types

  • ARTISTIC - Artificial and imaginative creations meant to resemble facial hair of any category, either literally or abstractly.. There are 2 categories:
    • Realistic
    • Creative
  • MOUSTACHE – A moustache is composed of facial hair above the upper lip. At international contests, it is agreed that moustache hairs can start growing from up to a maximum of 5/8" (1.5 cm) beyond the end of the upper lip. There are 2 categories:
    • Natural
    • Freestyle
  • PARTIAL BEARD – A partial beard is any facial hair that is neither a full beard nor a moustache. Natural or shaven gaps define the different styles and classes in this competition. There are 4 categories:
    • Natural
    • Natural - Sideburns / Chops
    • Natural - Alaskan Whaler
    • Freestyle
  • FULL BEARD - A full beard consists of hair on the upper and lower lip, the chin, the cheeks, and the sideburns, without any natural or shaven gap. Lengths are measured from the bottom of the lower lip. There are 6 categories:
    • Natural - Under 2"
    • Natural - 2"-6"
    • Natural - 6"-12"
    • Natural - Over 12"
    • Natural - With Styled Moustache
    • Freestyle


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