Beard Competitions in York County, South Carolina: Awards and Recognition

For barber Natali Johnston, competing in beard competitions with her husband is more than just a hobby - it's a way of life. The walls of their home are adorned with trophies, including one for a world championship. Natali is also living with stage four kidney failure and is on the transplant list. She has been overwhelmed by the support from the bearded community, who have checked to see if they are compatible donors.

The Johnstons are grateful for all the experiences they have had through barbing. They never expected it to become such a big part of their lives, but they are very happy that it is. Their next competition will be next weekend in Indiana. In South Carolina, there are several awards and recognition programs available to students who are not on track to graduate on time or who are at risk of dropping out of school.

As part of each student's annual review of their individualized graduation plan, school counselors will distribute information provided by the Wil Lou Gray School of Opportunity, the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy and any other alternative education program. The South Carolina General Assembly and their research staff members, state agencies, and researchers have access to analytical tools developed under this provision. The Executive Budget Office will establish spending authorization adjustments, in accordance with the South Carolina Federal and Other Funds Oversight Act, after reviewing the list provided by the department. The Department of Education, in collaboration with the Education Oversight Committee, is authorized to use data that has already been collected to report on in-state and out-of-state college enrollment, university persistence, and completion of higher education for South Carolina high school graduates. The report will include recommendations to expand the offer of the JROTC program to more students in South Carolina. Officers participating in the return-to-work program must meet the continuing training and education requirements of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy. Unless the Attorney General initiates actions for damages on behalf of and on behalf of a department, state agency, or board, the Attorney General is acting in the public interest of South Carolina as provided in this provision. The department will report annually to the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the South Carolina Conservation Bank on the use of funds and the impact of the funds on conservation efforts in the state of South Carolina. South Carolina Educational Television must provide training and technical support on educational resources available to teachers and school districts. Any and all funds from the Georgetown Port Dredging and Maintenance Fund will be transferred to the South Carolina State Ports Authority taking full account of such transfer, which is considered fair and equitable compensation. The funds allocated to each circuit must be distributed for the development and implementation of a prosecution case management system that complies with Criminal Justice Information Services, capable of integrating with the South Carolina District Attorney's Coordination Commission, the South Carolina Judiciary, all state and local law enforcement departments and other Circuit Attorney offices. In accordance with this determination, the DHEC will use RTF's license application and renewal fees to issue and renew licenses only in a manner that specifies the percentage of beds that each RTF must staff and reserve for South Carolina residents.

The Cooper Trust Fund will be retained by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and credited to a fund called the Inmate Welfare Fund, which will be spent for the benefit of the prison population. The list must include, among others, the Wil Lou Gray School of Opportunities and the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy. For those competing in beard competitions in York County, South Carolina there are several awards available for recognition. These awards include trophies for world championships as well as recognition from local schools for those at risk of dropping out or not graduating on time. There are also funds available from Georgetown Port Dredging and Maintenance Fund as well as from DHEC license applications that can be used for educational resources.

Finally, there is also an Inmate Welfare Fund that can be used for those incarcerated in South Carolina prisons.

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