Beard Competition in York County, South Carolina: An Exciting Event to Look Forward To

Are you looking for a unique experience in York County, South Carolina? Look no further than the annual beard competition! This event is a great way to celebrate the local culture and show off your facial hair. From the executive chef and owner of the Flipside group to the state ambassador chef, Chef Rob Masone, this competition is sure to be an exciting event that will draw attention from all over. The competition is hosted by Rodney, a successful African-American woman in the restaurant and catering industry. She is proud to represent her New York neighborhood and has made Melba's a New York landmark frequented by music, television and film stars, New York City's elite, locals and travelers from around the world.

Jon Fortes, executive chef and owner of the Flipside group, will face South Carolina's state ambassador chef, Chef Rob Masone, to compete for the coveted title of Battle of the Burgers champion. Rodney has earned many opportunities to travel the world and cook with chefs and master cooks in New York, Belize, Uruguay, France and Australia due to his hard work, kindness, and respect from his peers. The competition will be held at Lure Fishbar in Soho, which has been a New York institution for the past 17 years. Andre has organized several dinners at the prestigious James Beard House and has collaborated in some of the main gastronomic events in the United States and Jamaica: the Food & Wine Festival, the SOBE Wine & Food Festival and the Observer Food Awards.

He has also dedicated time to helping community organizations in Harlem and across New York City. Jupiter graduated from the prestigious French Culinary Institute and worked alongside renowned teachers such as Chef Jean-Georges at ABC Kitchen and Chef James Jermyn at Maloney & Porcelli in New York. He will be competing against Chef Shorne who regularly participates in Food Network's annual food and wine festivals in New York and South Beach, in Citi's Taste of Tennis events around the world and in the annual Rum & Rhythm Benefit gala. The competition will also feature Clark Sutherland who has a classic training in French cuisine but returned to her Southern roots when she opened her first restaurant, Handsome Hog, in St. After successfully managing two kitchens in New York City, Chef Clark was asked to take up his current position as executive chef at Lure Fishbar. He has since prepared menus at The James Beard House, Gracie Mansion and United Nations offices. As a destination marketing organization (DMO) of York County, South Carolina, Visit York County exists to publicize and boost York County's economy through tourism and destination marketing while contributing to residents' quality of life.

This year's beard competition promises to be an exciting event that you won't want to miss!.

Denise Chafins
Denise Chafins

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