Can Women Compete in Beard Competitions in York County, South Carolina?

The competitive beard industry is taking a step towards equality with the return of Whiskerines. Last February, a fundraising event was held in Kettering, Ohio, with around a dozen female participants. Danielle Dennis, program director of the York County NAMI, is working to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental illness. The York Beard and Moustache Club is a group of members who tour breweries, drink and compete in facial hair contests. For Come and Shave It, Moore wore a green beard with a hat, black boots and thick knitted socks, a Scottish skirt that she raised to reveal briefs with a black flag that read “penis in pink letters” and a t-shirt promoting the album Smell the Magic, by the all-female rock band L7. The York County National Alliance on Mental Illness helps connect people with mental illness to psychiatrists and therapists. Nelson read somewhere that every man should grow a beard for an entire year at some point in his life.

Moore is part of a subgroup of the club called Whiskerinas, a group of women who have entered the world of competitive beard, which has traditionally been dominated by men. The North American Beard and Mustache Competitive Alliance presented the eleventh annual Come and Shave It at Snowbird ski and summer resort in Snowbird UT. Moore made a piece to compete alongside her husband Matt, who was a member of Beard Team USA. The bearded male competitive man was gaining ground, and he found that there were other wives and girlfriends who didn't just want to watch from the bench. Ives said that her first experience with competitive beards was when she participated in the first edition of the National False Beard and Mustache Contest for Women's Whiskerines.

The Keystone Beard and Mustache Championship was a success for both the Beard Club and NAMI of York County.

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