What is the Refund Policy for the Beard Competition in York County, South Carolina?

Are you planning to take part in the upcoming beard competition in York County, South Carolina? If so, you may be curious about the refund policy for this event. Hosted by the North American Beard and Mustache Competitive Alliance at the Snowbird ski and summer resort in Snowbird, Utah, this competition will feature five categories of competition. Unfortunately, refunds are not allowed for this race. The competition will be judged by Jon Fortes, executive chef and owner of the Flipside group.

He will be competing against South Carolina's state ambassador chef, Chef Rob Masone, to vie for the coveted title of Battle of the Burgers champion. For these two chefs, food is a way of expressing themselves. York County, South Carolina is a destination marketing organization (DMO) that works to promote and stimulate the economy through tourism and destination marketing. It also contributes to residents' quality of life.

In 1961, nine African-American men were arrested and sentenced to 30 days in the York County jail for their peaceful protest against segregation. They became known as the Friendship Nine. Participants in the beard competition should be aware that refunds are not available for this event. However, those who are unable to attend can transfer their registration to another person or receive a credit towards a future event. York County is an exciting destination for those looking to explore its history and culture while participating in a unique event.

Denise Chafins
Denise Chafins

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