Stay Updated on Future Beard Competitions in York County, South Carolina

The walls of his house are adorned with trophies, including one for a world championship. For Natali and her husband, caring for their beards is more than just a fun pastime - it's a way to escape. Natali is on the kidney transplant list and many people in the bearded community have checked to see if they're compatible. The Johnstons never expected a beard to be their life, and they are very happy that it is.

Their next competition will be next weekend in Indiana. Aaron and Natali Johnston compete in different categories, but they attend the same competitions around the world. The mission of the York County Museum is to be a resource for guests, students, researchers and stakeholders. The contestants will compete in five categories: the entry form and the rules of the beard contest.

In 1997, he accepted the position of assistant curator of art at the York County Museum until 2001, when he accepted the position of art curator at the South Carolina State Museum. The couple from Aiken, South Carolina, competed in the same contest just a year later, with Natali creating her own beards from scratch. Laura joined the museum as a volunteer in 2004 while studying anthropology with a focus on education at the University of South Carolina. Tonia Johnson Alston has been the chief of public safety at the South Carolina State Museum since 2001. Rudine Alston Hopkins has been working diligently for more than 21 years at the South Carolina State Museum.

In addition, his wife took home first place in the “realistic freestyle” category (for unreal beards) and won the award for best in the exhibition. A native of Columbia, he returned to South Carolina after obtaining a doctorate in Musical Arts in organ performance at the University of Arizona. As the museum's education coordinator, Katherine Kerr works closely with public engagement and group tour departments to facilitate field trip programs for elementary and secondary schools in South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Social Work from the University of South Carolina and has a master's degree in Human Resource Development.

Amy fell in love with South Carolina thanks to her childhood visits to her great uncles shrimp business in St. As director of graphic design, Anna Turner oversees the visual branding and style of the South Carolina State Museum. Before joining the museum team, Kane taught history at Benedict College for more than a decade, where he specialized in African American history, 20th century cultural history, and history of the American South. As a member of the Department of Public Safety at the South Carolina State Museum, Ronald oversees the museum's exhibitions and galleries and provides emergency assistance to visitors when they need it.

He joined the South Carolina State Museum in 2000 and has held numerous positions in both the education and collections departments.

Beard competitions

are events related to facial hair where you're sure to see men hugging each other, smiling big and people having fun. These events are held all over the world but York County, South Carolina is home to some of the most exciting competitions around! Whether you're looking to compete or just watch some amazing facial hair creations come alive, you won't want to miss out on these events! The Johnstons have been competing for years now and have won numerous awards for their impressive creations. They have inspired many others to join them in their passion for facial hair artistry! If you're interested in joining them or just want to stay updated on future competitions taking place in York County, South Carolina then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find all you need to know about upcoming competitions as well as tips on how to create your own unique facial hair masterpiece!.

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