The Fascinating Evolution of Beard Competitions in York County, South Carolina

The walls of his house are adorned with trophies, including one for a world championship. For Natali and her husband, caring for their beards is more than just a fun pastime; it's a way to escape from the daily grind. Natali is on the kidney transplant list, and many people in the bearded community have checked to see if they are compatible donors. The Johnstons are thankful for all the adventures they've had.

They never expected a beard to be their life, and they are very happy that it is. Their next competition will be next weekend in Indiana, with enthusiasts from as far away as North Carolina competing in the wide-ranging competition, which features men and women showing off their real and fake beards. The first annual Beard & Moustache Competition was held at Bube's Brewery in February, with participants competing in several categories, from the best full or partial beard to exaggerated sideburns and goat beards. The wildest facial hair grown naturally and with a creative style was on display. John Yeagley, Tim Rose, Adam Causgrove from Pittsburgh, Gary Campbell from York, Corey Starner, Vincent Medina from Harrisburg, Sam Mowrey, Robert Kuhn from Middletown, Benjamin Fellner from Austria and Michelle Malmberg all competed in the competition. The annual Beard & Moustache Championship was held at Music Farm this year, with no shortage of scandalous shows.

Tim Morris showed off his beard during the first annual beard and mustache contest at Bube's Brewery on Sunday, February 15th. The beard competition in York County has evolved over the years to become a popular event for facial hair enthusiasts. With participants from all over the world competing in various categories, it has become an exciting event for both competitors and spectators alike. From its humble beginnings at Bube's Brewery to its current status as an international event, the York County Beard & Moustache Competition has come a long way. As the competition continues to grow each year, it is sure to become an even bigger event in the future.

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