How to Handle Ties in a Beard Competition in York County, South Carolina

For Natali and her husband, barbing is more than just a hobby - it's an escape. Natali has stage four kidney failure and is on the transplant list. The couple are thankful for all the experiences they've had and never expected a beard to be their life. Their next competition will be next weekend in Indiana.

The South Carolina Council of Law Enforcement Personnel, in partnership with the University of South Carolina School of Law, have created a professional development training program for law enforcement personnel. The Executive Budget Office has reviewed the list provided by the department and established spending authorization adjustments in accordance with the South Carolina Federal and Other Funds Oversight Act. Procurement of experts, consultants and advisors, including accountants and attorneys, is exempt from the purchasing procedures of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code in Chapter 35, Title 11. As part of each student's annual review of their individualized graduation plan, school counselors distribute information provided by the Wil Lou Gray School of Opportunity, the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy and any other alternative education program to students who are not on track to graduate on time or who are at risk of dropping out of school. The Cooper Trust Fund is retained by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and credited to a fund called the Inmate Welfare Fund, which is spent for the benefit of the prison population.

Officers participating in the return-to-work program must meet the continuing training and education requirements of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy. South Carolina Educational Television provides training and technical support on educational resources available to teachers and school districts. The department reports annually to the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the South Carolina Conservation Bank on the use of funds and their impact on conservation efforts in the state. Other state agencies and entities adjust their funding allocations to conform to those listed in Part IA, Section 1, VIII. The commission, in cooperation with CTPs (Certified Training Providers), collects and reports data on fellowships and other information necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of scholarships in helping students with intellectual disabilities transition into university programs. The Executive Budget Office also establishes spending authorization adjustments after reviewing the list provided.

Employees or contractors of Education Management Organizations (EMOs) or Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) are not allowed to serve on boards of public school districts, the South Carolina Public Charter School District or public or independent institutions of higher education. Any funds from the Georgetown Port Dredging and Maintenance Fund must be transferred to the South Carolina State Ports Authority taking full account of such transfer as fair and equitable compensation. Students enrolled in charter schools authorized by the South Carolina Public Charter School District or higher education institutions receive an additional weight depending on their type of charter school, in addition to either a base weight of 1.00 dollars or a disability weight of 2.60 dollars. When determining insurance coverage, facilities that are eligible for federal and state cost-sharing agreements using federal funds for renovation, repair or replacement must be taken into consideration. This list includes Wil Lou Gray School of Opportunities and South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy.

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