The Thrilling Atmosphere of the Beard Competition in York County, South Carolina

For Natali and her husband, shaving is more than just a pastime - it's a way to take a break from the harshness of her stage four kidney failure. Natali is on the kidney transplant list, and many people in the bearded community have looked into whether they are compatible. The Johnstons are grateful for all the experiences they have had and never anticipated that a beard would become their life. Their next competition will be next weekend in Indiana, and Aaron and Natali Johnston will compete in different categories.

On Sunday, February 15th, Bube's Brewery hosted the first annual beard and mustache contest, where participants and spectators alike relished the atmosphere. Shayne Wilson, Gary Campbell from York, Dave Ray, Robert Kuhn, Benjamin Fellner of Austria, Adam Causgrove from Pittsburgh, Corey Starner, Zach Sherman from Harrisburg, Brett Epstein, and Brad Stoddard all flaunted their beards. Gary Campbell won second place in the natural mustache category at the Keystone State Beard and Mustache Championship. Dave Ray and Robert Kuhn posed for a photo while displaying their beards before the contest.

Benjamin Fellner of Austria won third place in the beard and mustache category of the Keystone State Championship. Adam Causgrove won second place in the stylized mustache category at the Keystone State Beard and Mustache Championship. Zach Sherman won first place in the beard category from 4 to 8 inches at the Keystone State Beard and Mustache Championship. Natali's wife took first place in the “realistic freestyle category” (for inauthentic beards) and won the award for best in show.

The Lantern visited Ridgeway, South Carolina to find out what small-town Southern charm is all about. Residents may remember when cotton producers lined up to get out of the cotton gin located behind Ruff Hardware on Palmer Street over the railroad bridge. The Lantern has also visited some of South Carolina's most haunted sites over the years, but nothing compares to strolling through the cobblestone streets of Charleston. The popular show continues to air, allowing generations of people - including a cute Springerdoodle from South Carolina named Emma - to watch it.

The York County Council meeting was packed with intense debate about Pennies For Progress and a solar cell manufacturing plant called Silfab.

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